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Verici Dx NGS Laboratory

Verici Dx has established a state-of-the-art next generation sequencing laboratory housed within the New York Genome Center Building in New York City. The laboratory is outfitted with advanced instrumentation for automated sample handling and for transcriptomic sequencing suitable for both targeted and deep profiling approaches. The laboratory is staffed by experienced molecular scientists who drive innovation for development of the suite of Verici Dx diagnostic products.

Verici Dx Bioinformatics

Verici Dx has highly experienced and qualified bioinformaticians who are spearheading deep sequencing analytical methodologies along with AI machine learning computational technology to advance the prognostic and diagnostic capabilities of the suite of assays in development.

Verici Dx Clinical Study

Verici Dx is preparing to initiate an observational clinical study to assess the correlation of the blood-based gene expression signatures of the organ recipient with outcomes related to kidney injury, acute rejection, fibrosis, or graft loss. We will examine the information of the full transcriptome and leverage the ability of analytical algorithms and machine learning to enhance the utility of gene expression signatures in guiding the interpretation of risk results.