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Verici Dx is a developer of advanced clinical diagnostics in organ transplant. Verici Dx kidney transplant assays are developed using next-generation sequencing science and leverages access to deep clinical insights derived from immunological, transcriptomic, clinical, and pathological data to define a personalized, precise risk-profile related to risk and diagnosis of kidney injury and graft loss for each patient over the course of their transplant journey.   

We are singularly focused on providing insights that informs the path to overall graft survival and successful outcomes for patients. Maintaining a balance in the immunosuppression protocol is a critical element, and therefore, our diagnostics solutions are designed to recognize and assess an individual transplant recipient’s immune profile and the immune system’s response to the transplanted organ. 
These rich immune profiling insights enable definition of an optimal immunosuppressive therapy strategy, as well as detection of precursors of graft injury in advance of the clinical and pathological presentation.