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ATC Presentation 2024

Performance of Next-Gen Sequencing Biomarker Tutivia™ in Setting of Kidney Delayed Graft Function

The occurrence of delayed graft function (DGF) post-transplant presents clinically challenging complications. Patients will mostly require dialysis, have elevated creatinine and present clinical concerns for acute kidney injury (AKI); following acute reperfusion injury, evaluating risk of acute rejection (AR) secondary to the injury presents further challenge. Other risks may include pyelonephritis and polyoma viral nephropathy. Biomarkers are needed that can support medical management in challenging settings early post-transplant. Tutivia is a peripheral blood NGS RNA expression with algorithm test to produce a risk score correlated to acute rejection as defined by BANFF 2019 in kidney biopsy. This report analyses the clinical performance in setting of DGF.
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