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RNA signatures decipher the body’s clinical messages to provide data driven insights to clinicians for focused and personalized care for their patients. 

The RNA signature is derived from biological systems such as inflammatory response, cell repair and cell metabolism that are highly predictive of identifying rejection requiring earlier clinical intervention.

Verici Dx offers an integrated suite of leading-edge tests forming a kidney transplant platform for personalized patient and organ response risk to assist clinicians in medical management for improved patient outcomes. Our approach is to develop patient-centric precision tools that reflect the complexity of the individual’s disease process rather than relying on clinical models from population-based generalizations. Our tests aim to be well balanced in terms of performance metrics whilst understanding the need for actionable data. The underlying technology is based upon artificial intelligence assisted transcriptomic analysis from pre-transplant to late stage post-transplant. The foundational research was driven by a deep understanding of transplant immunology and is enabled by access to expertly curated collaborative studies in highly informative cohorts in kidney transplant.