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DNA, RNA, and Gene Expression

Each of our cells contains DNA, the genetic code that instructs the cells in our body and is responsible for aspects of health and disease. Individual instructions from our DNA are called genes, which are turned on or off—or “expressed”—at different levels of abundance depending on environmental conditions and the necessity to perform a process: for example, growth, digestion after meals, fighting an infection, etc..
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Verici Dx Bioinformatics

Verici Dx has highly experienced and qualified bioinformaticians who are spearheading deep sequencing analytical methodologies along with AI machine learning computational technology to advance the prognostic and diagnostic capabilities of the Verici Dx suite of assays in transplant care.

Biological Systems

There’s relatively little understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the complex biological pathways and interconnected systems responsible for transplant success. Leading-edge technologies have made possible a branch of biological studies collectively referred to as “omics”. Omics include genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc...
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