Verici Dx CLIA-certified Laboratory

Verici Dx has established our headquarters and CLIA-certified laboratory at Innovation Park in Franklin, Tennessee. The laboratory is staffed by experienced clinical laboratory molecular scientists who perform clinical services testing using our leading-edge Verici Dx commercial products. For our research activities, Verici Dx has established our state-of-the-art next generation sequencing laboratory which is outfitted with advanced instrumentation for automated sample handling and for transcriptomic sequencing suitable for both targeted and deep profiling approaches. The laboratory is staffed by experienced molecular scientists who drive innovation for development of the suite of Verici Dx diagnostic products.

Verici Dx Bioinformatics

Verici Dx has highly experienced and qualified bioinformaticians who are spearheading deep sequencing analytical methodologies along with AI machine learning computational technology to advance the prognostic and diagnostic capabilities of the Verici Dx suite of assays in transplant care.