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Verici Dx completes the Board of Directors with the appointment of Sir Ian Carruthers OBE

Sir Ian’s extensive and high level experience with NHS compliments the current Board’s experience with both US and UK healthcare environments

NEW YORK, (September, 2020) — Verici Dx Plc (Verici), announced the appointment to the Board of Directors of Sir Ian Carruthers.  Sir Ian is experienced in the public, private and voluntary sectors and has operated as a Chief Executive within the health service for over twenty years, including as Interim Chief Executive of NHS England, where he oversaw an annual budget of £86 billion and 1.3 million employees.

“We are delighted to welcome Sir Ian to our talented and experienced Board,” said Julian Baines Chairman of the Board, “and we feel that he will make an important contribution as the Company commercializes its products improving kidney transplant care.”

The Company also appointed Sara Barrington as Chief Executive Officer. She brings over 20 years of leadership experience both financially and operationally with a focus upon developing and commercializing life science products.

About Verici Dx

Verici Dx develops tests to understand how a patient will and is responding to organ transplant. One of the most significant threats to a successful transplant, or graft, is the body’s own immune system. Patients’ immune systems differ in how they respond to the presence of the transplanted organ, characterizing this response is called immune phenotyping. Our products and solutions are underpinned by extensive scientific research into the recipient’s immune phenotype and how that impacts on acute rejection, chronic injury and ultimately failure of the transplant. These immuno-profile signatures also inform clinicians as to the optimal strategy for immunosuppressive and other therapies for the most successful treatment to ensure graft acceptance with the least amount of side effects.

The foundational research was driven by a deep understanding of cell-mediated immunity and is enabled by access to expertly curated collaborative studies in highly informative cohorts in kidney transplant.