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Dynamic personalized tests provide clinicians with early actionable data from the patient’s own biological message systems.


One test, one RNA Signature with strong performance on all clinical metrics.

Edge Precision.

Artificial intelligence-assisted analysis of selected signals provides the most relevant information for ALL transplant patients.

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What we do


Verici Dx commercializes RNA signatures based tests to decipher the body’s clinical messages to provide data driven insights to clinicians their patients.

Currently we are validating a complementary suite of leading-edge tests forming a kidney transplant platform for personalized patient and organ response risk to assist clinicians in medical management for improved patient outcomes.

The underlying technology is based upon artificial intelligence assisted transcriptomic analysis to provide RNA signatures focused upon the immune response and other biological pathway signals critical for transplant prognosis of risk of injury, rejection and graft failure from pre-transplant to late stage. 

The Company also has a mission to accelerate the pace of innovation by research using the fully characterized data from the underlying technology and collaboration with medical device, biopharmaceutical and data science partners. We are singularly focused on providing insights that informs the path to overall graft survival and successful outcomes for patients.

Who we are

We believe in the diagnostic power of RNA signatures to bring substance to the promise of personalized medicine. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and are proud to be supported by a strong foundation of core values. These values guide us and push us through the rigors of science and precision to deliver the data-driven answers clinicans and their patients deserve.
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Driven by curiosity.
Delivered by science.

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Medicare National Payment Rate for Tutivia™ and Clarava™ Effective as of January 1, 2024

Verici Dx announces announces that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ("CMS") released the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (“CLFS”) payment rate
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